Meet Our Team

You'll love our staff. We're a locally owned and operated company. Visit Tunnel Vision for more information about our services. Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment.
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Saundra is a North Carolina-licensed optician and our office manager. She is a Carolina Panther's fan (even when they bomb). She is our in-house problem solver. If you are not beyond satisfied with your experience at Tunnel Vision, she has the solution.
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Mark came aboard with us with over two decades of optical experience under his belt. If he had spare time, he would be a Bob Ross impressionist but seeing that he has 5 daughters this doesn't happen often. If you're in need of wisdom on glasses or women, he is your man.
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Andy doesn't always work at an optical place but when he does, it's Tunnel Vision.
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Jasmin just came to Tunnel Vision because her résumé said she was cute and bubbly. Turns out, she mostly is. She enjoys traveling with her son and hiking. She is currently in school working towards her degree in the medical field.
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Lisa is an apprentice optician and a proud pet mommy. She has Chinese Crested dogs that wear pajamas and have their picture taken with Santa every year. They are too hilarious to even be real.
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Emily is our doctor's pre-tester. She is the little lady with the larger-than-life laugh. When she laughs, the whole world laughs with her (or at least those within earshot).
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Amelia is her name and she has a lot of games. She's a multi-tasker around here but we love when she files charts away because she is very good at alphabets. So good!
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Lynda is a lovely lady who makes insurance billing look easy (and we all know 'easy' isn't always the right word for it!). She is quite possibly our sassiest employee, but don't worry, we make her sit with her nose in the corner the whole day.
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Anna has been an optical lab technician for over a decade. She is a proud mother of a fiery baby boy. She's not too shy about her karaoke talents and would, without a doubt, win on "Don't Forget the Lyrics."
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Nicole is one of our lab technicians and regularly competes with Anna for the karaoke title. She's a Penn State graduate and in her spare time likes to hang out with her kitty, play clarinet, and teach Sunday school classes.
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